Meet The Founders

Casey Parker

Co-Founder & CEO

Meet Casey Parker! Co-Founder and CEO of Sweet Nutrition. Casey is the mastermind behind our brand, and the creator of our delicious products that you have all been so kind and generous in supporting over these past two years.

Casey is responsible for the brand direction as well as overseeing the entire company operations. On top of creating our delicious products, Casey is our creative expert and designs all of our packaging, promotional material and content himself. When Casey isn’t creating marketing material for SN, he is busy planning ahead and managing our distribution networks, looking into and acquiring new accounts, running the SN production facility, and also handling company financials while continuing to provide customer service to our valued clients.

Austin Calladine

Co-Founder, Vice President & Head of Sales

Meet Austin Calladine! Co-Founder, Vice President and Head of Sales for Sweet Nutrition. Austin is a sales and relationship expert and is responsible for building & growing the relationships with our valued retail partners. Sweet Nutrition now works with over 600 stores across Canada alone, and this is in large part thanks to Austin’s outgoing personality, cold calling skills, and his amazing ability to build meaningful, lasting relationships with each account.

If you’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Austin, it’s easy to see why he has so much success selling our cookies and building strong relationships with our partners, as he is one of the most personable people that you would have the pleasure of meeting. When you pair a great product with a person of Austin’s skill set and personality, the sky is really the limit for Sweet Nutrition and where the brand can go.


to create the snacks you love in a healthier way

Investor Relations

Taylor Leir

Investor & Part Owner

Meet Taylor Leier! While not a founder of the company, Taylor is an investor, part-owner and close friend of Casey and Austin’s.

Taylor has a professional hockey career that he is extremely busy with and dedicated to, however he also has a strong passion for nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. Although Taylor is not working for the company on a day-to-day basis the way Casey and Austin are, Taylor has meant so much more to the company than his initial investment. He not only believed in the product that Sweet Nutrition was looking to sell – he also believed in the founders of the company, which ultimately gave the two of them a boost of much needed confidence to begin going after their vision.

Taylor joined the Sweet Nutrition team about one year ago to the date! So much has changed since then, but we would not be where we are today – or potentially even around if it wasn’t for Taylor’s original belief in the company.